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BullGuard Small Office Security - 3YR/35 Device

BullGuard Small Office Security - Subscription license (3 years) - 35 devices - ESD

This is an ESD license
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Your business customers need advanced protection they can trust from online threats like viruses, hackers and ransomware. And they need it to be easy to manage with instant resolution when security issues arise. 

BullGuard’s Small Office Security is now an option: 

Online protection tailored specifically for the small office to cover up to 50 devices – PC, Mac and Android
A simple, single-point cloud administration portal
Set up and deployment within minutes 
Real-time commands and notifications
Detailed reporting (for devices, tasks, and threats)
Antitheft commands for mobile devices
Light software footprint

Product Description BullGuard Small Office Security - subscription license (3 years) - 35 devices
Product Type Subscription license - 3 years
Category Security applications - security management, desktop antivirus, intrusion and vulnerability detection, content filtering, desktop firewall, network antivirus, mobile device antivirus, anti-theft
License Qty 35 devices
Licensing Details ESD
Category Security applications - security management, desktop antivirus, intrusion and vulnerability detection, content filtering, desktop firewall, network antivirus, mobile device antivirus, anti-theft
Product Type Subscription license - 3 years
License Qty 35 devices
Details ESD

In the face of rising cyber threats that specifically target small businesses, BullGuard has released a security suite dedicated exclusively for small offices. And the need is rising.  

  • Research from internet services provider Beaming revealed two thirds of UK companies, employing between 10 and 49 people, fell victim to some form of cyber-crime last year.
  • The average cost of cyber-attacks on small businesses amounted to £65,000 per victim in damaged assets, financial penalties and business downtime.
  • This puts the total bill of cyber-crime across all UK small businesses in 2018 at an estimated £13.6 billion.

Of course, these are UK figures only but it's near enough the same figure where ever you look.
The 2018 State of Cybersecurity in Small and Medium Size Businesses study, conducted by the Ponemon Institute in the US, revealed that 67 per cent of small businesses experienced a cyberattack during 2018 and 58 per cent experienced a data breach in the same period.

In the same study, only 28 per cent rated their ability to mitigate threats, vulnerabilities, and attacks as highly effective.



Under attack

Attacks on small businesses take many forms but typically consist of phishing, advanced malware, zero-day and ransomware attacks.


  • Many companies don’t understand how to protect their business and contain attacks.
  • The problem is further exacerbated by small business employees who bring their own devices to work, which is often encouraged but also increases the attack surface.

Some companies use third-party security providers but these can be a costly option for many small businesses. Alternatively, other options can be complex and challenging to implement and manage. This is because these solutions have usually been developed from enterprise level products.


Small Office Security

BullGuard Small Office Security, designed for up to 50 users, successfully addresses these issues.

  • It provides advanced, award-winning, antimalware protection which is further bolstered by machine-learning-based malware detection. This layered approach provides the ultimate in defences against malware.
  • It has been developed from the ground up specifically for small offices, so ease-of-use and straightforward management are central features.
  • Management is via a cloud-based portal. Any employee can manage up to 50 devices via the portal. They don't need to be technical whizz kids, they just need to familiarise themselves with the interface which can be achieved in minutes.


Comprehensive management

Despite its simplicity, BullGuard Small Office Security delivers sweepingly comprehensive management.

Easy deployment: A company administrator simply emails employees from the portal and they click on a link and register without the need for any credentials to be entered. This includes fixed workstations as well as personal mobile devices (BYOD).

Safe mobile working: Devices are completely secured enabling employees in the field to go safely about their business. Missing devices can be located and remotely locked or wiped.

Remote management: BullGuard Small Office Security provides an immediate 360-degree view of device security status, which in turn enables remote actions such as applying updates, disabling, enabling and restarting devices as well as the management of quarantined files. 

Red flags: Malware infections spread rapidly and those such as ransomware can take businesses down in seconds. An alert system provides immediate notification about security events allowing instant remedial action, ensuring the company isn’t held hostage by cyber criminals.

Users can also block malicious websites, phishing emails and browser plug-ins and extensions that are known to be dangerous, keeping the company and employees safe from harmful downloads. A feature called group settings can be used to stop suspicious websites and server hosts from causing harm to the company network and individual endpoints.

And when an employee leaves or joins the company, the relevant computing device is simply disabled via the portal, while security for new employee devices is just as easily enabled.

In summary, BullGuard Small Office Security makes it simple for small businesses to stop professional cybercriminals from gaining access to their company's data, intellectual property, and funds. 



Producent BullGuard
Type BullGuard Small Office Security
Kategori Sikkerhedsprogrammer - desktop-antivirus, antispam-software
Produkttype Licensabonnemet - 3 år
Licenstype/antal enheder 35 Devices/Enheder